Unlock Financial Support for Poets and Spoken Word Artists in Las Vegas

Are you a poet or spoken word artist based in Las Vegas, NV looking for financial support? You're in luck! There are several scholarships and stipends available to help you pursue your passion. The Dale Karr Scholarship Fund, Don Russell Memorial Award, and Roberto Rico Memorial Scholarship are all available to student artists in grades K-1.The Nevada Arts Council also offers the Poetry Out Loud program, which encourages the study of the best poetry by providing free educational materials and a recitation competition in high schools across the country. The Las Vegas Artists Guild (LVAG) is another great resource for local, amateur, and professional artists. They provide networks, meetings, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, and community participation.

In honor of Roberto Rico's commitment to sharing his love for artistic expression, the LVAG Board has created a scholarship in his name. Winners of this scholarship will also have the opportunity to publish their work in a quarterly national poetry publication called Just Poetry. The Poetry Foundation offers scholarships to any U. S.

citizen between 21 and 31 years old. They also have a grant program called the Neruda Poetry Prize, which is awarded by Nimrod, a literary magazine published by the University of Tulsa. The Living Poets Society of New Jersey sponsors a scholarship that awakens young people's interest in poetry. Additionally, there is an opportunity for American, Canadian, and international BIPOC artists to participate in a residency program in New York. Public school art teachers (grades K-1) are encouraged to submit their plans to the LVAG board of directors each spring.

If you're looking for more information on poetry scholarships, you can find it on the Poetry Foundation website. With so many options available, there's no reason not to pursue your passion for poetry or spoken word art!.

Sheila Zanfardino
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