Exploring Residencies and Retreats for Poets and Spoken Word Artists in Las Vegas

Are you a poet or spoken word artist looking for a residency or retreat in Las Vegas, NV? Look no further! There are plenty of opportunities available for literary artists to explore the city and its culture. From residencies in downtown Las Vegas to retreats at Lake Twitchell, there are plenty of ways to get inspired and create your best work. In partnership with Plympton and the Writer's Block, there is a writing residency in downtown Las Vegas. All applicants must submit two professional references, including the name, contact information, and a brief description of the professional relationship.

References will be contacted in the fall by email or phone. Additionally, applicants must submit a curriculum for their project, which should include information on previous or future publications. Simultaneous presentations are allowed, but applicants must let the residency know as soon as they place their piece elsewhere. The residency was generously provided by the heirs of Anne LaBastille, who wrote books about the challenges of the region from her cabin on Lake Twitchell. During the residency, writers will have the opportunity to paddle to the site of their property and explore the lake with locals.

For more information on the request, applicants should visit the website. The VCCA no longer requires letters of recommendation. Applicants will be considered for a residency at the VCCA and for as many funding opportunities as they are eligible for. All submissions must be anonymous; applicants should delete all identifying information from their shipment and not include their name or other identifying information in the uploaded document. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but applicants must let the residency know right away if their work is accepted elsewhere. The competition will be judged blindly, so applicants should not include their cover letter, name, or any contact information in the uploaded document.

Additionally, applicants should not include their name or identifying information in the title box of the document or presentation; if their name appears in any of these places, it will be automatically rejected. Poets whose work is accepted will be invited to write an attached poetic statement (500 words) that explains how their lived experiences influence the choices they make on the page. With the support of Undocupoets co-publishers and co-organizers Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Janine Joseph and Esther Lin, collaborators will have the opportunity to critically define how their art and lived experiences interact. All presentations must be anonymous; applicants should not include any identifying information in their presentation document. Submissions that do not comply with this requirement will be automatically rejected. Applicants should allow up to three months for a response regarding whether their work has been selected for publication.

If an applicant pays the registration fee but does not submit their manuscript before the deadline, their fee will not be refunded. Additionally, any work that includes personal information will be disqualified. In the event of a condition beyond anyone's control (such as a website crash or power outage), the deadline may be extended; applicants will be notified along with an explanation for the extension. Residencies after May 2024 will be scheduled in a future application process; those interested in applying at a future deadline can add their name to Nawat Fes' email list to receive updates. We also welcome suggestions from applicants on ways in which our fellows could strengthen community ties to writing, poetry, and James Merrill's legacy. Lambda Literary will monitor infection rates, health care system capacity, variants, and state and local regulations; if any changes occur that would require returning to fully virtual programming, they will make that call. Literary artists can upload writing samples to pdf format using an online application form.

As an alternative, literary artists can choose to send hard copies; however, they should include a cover page with contact information and table of contents but omit names and contact information from writing examples themselves. It's important to note that Honey is 100% accessible; if an article is image-based and has been accepted, applicants will be asked to provide alternative text before publication. For more information on how to write effective alternative text, visit Honey's website. Candidates who need to work mainly in other research libraries of New York Public Library - such as Stephen A Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library or Library of Science, Industry and Business - are not eligible for this grant nor are individuals seeking funding for research that would lead directly to publication.

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