Unlock the Poetry Scene in Las Vegas, NV

Are you looking for ways to explore the poetry scene in Las Vegas, NV? Look no further! Our trained teaching artists provide students with the opportunity to discover their enthusiasm for writing and performing. The BMI at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is an international literary center that brings writers and the literary imagination to the heart of public life through live experiences, scholarships, innovative media, and literary activism. The Battle Born Slam is a great way to get involved in the poetry scene in Las Vegas. It is maintained by Ambright Consulting, a provider of professional consulting services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Slam is organized by AJ Moyer, a teaching artist and world economist. He has competed and coached in 6 National Poetry Slams, taught poetry classes and workshops for children and adults, and presented many of the most popular readings in Las Vegas. If you are looking to pursue a career in poetry, Las Vegas is a great place to start. Many poets participate in Poetry Slams, submit works for publication, give workshops and attend the AWP. And for those who want to make a living out of their passion for poetry, there are plenty of opportunities to work as a singer in Las Vegas.

So if you are looking to unlock the poetry scene in Las Vegas, NV, you can find resources at the BMI at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas or at the Battle Born Slam. With these tools available to you, you can pursue your dreams of becoming a published poet or even make a living out of your passion for poetry.

Sheila Zanfardino
Sheila Zanfardino

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