Explore Poetry and Spoken Word Events in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city renowned for its entertainment, and poetry and spoken word events are no exception. The Las Vegas Poets Organization is the largest and oldest nonprofit poetry organization in the city, and it features Jordan Caldwell with the prominent poets of Nevada Humanities.

Youth Speaks Inc

created Brave New Voices in 1998, a San Francisco non-profit organization that promotes the intellectual and artistic self-development of young people. This was the first poetic slam dedicated to young people in the world, and since then, Brave New Voices has grown to represent young people ages 13 to 19 from all over the United States and from various cities and countries around the world.

Brave New Voices is the largest ongoing spoken word event in the world. Teams from different cities compete with their 4 or 6 best young poets to attend the festival. When it first started, only four teams were participating, but now more than 50 teams take part in this competition. Jessica's future and past events include readings, workshops, conferences, and more.

Before Russell Simmons and Lathan launched Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, they tried it out in San Francisco, where they found a grateful audience and new talent. The Minnesota Writing Workshop is a two-day writing event called “How to Get Published”, usually held in St. Paul. During her residency at the Hosking Houses Trust, with an appointment at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-Upon-Avon (England), Jessica participated in a reading during the Crossing Borders International Poetry Festival.

Held in Homer, Alaska, this nationally recognized writing conference includes workshops, readings, and panel presentations on fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and the business of writing. The Brave New Voices festival has been held in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose, Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Atlanta for the past 15 years. The Massachusetts Poetry Festival features nearly 100 poetry readings and workshops, a small literary and press fair, panels, poetry competitions, visual arts, and outdoor performances. Performing under the stage name “Savage”, Jessica performed with the series International Poetry Burthel at Dante's in Portland Oregon.

The Las Vegas Writers Conference is held every spring and is dedicated to helping writers of all genres improve their craft, hone their business skills, and network with publishing professionals. The spring symposium for the master's degree in poetry at Portland State University introduced Jessica to an intimate conversation with students about how to live as a writer with an advanced degree. If you're looking for poetry or spoken word events in Las Vegas or anywhere else around the world, there are plenty of organizations dedicated to hosting them. From Brave New Voices to the Las Vegas Writers Conference to the Massachusetts Poetry Festival - there's something for everyone! So don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to explore your creativity.

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