Grants and Fellowships for Poets and Spoken Word Artists in Las Vegas

Are you a poet or spoken word artist based in Las Vegas, NV? If so, you may be eligible for grants and fellowships to help you pursue your creative endeavors. The Nevada Arts Council offers a variety of grant programs and guidelines that can help you get the funding you need. Additionally, Poets & Writers provides grants to published poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, and performance poets. If you are looking for a residency program, Kresge Artist Scholarships are awarded to artists whose commitment to artistic achievement is evident in the quality of their work.

Crosstown Arts in Memphis offers residencies in an urban environment to visiting and resident artists in any creative discipline. ROOSTERGNN Global News Network (RGNN) also offers residencies of at least ten days to poets, fiction writers and creative nonfiction writers throughout the year in Madrid (Spain) and during the summer in Havana and Trinidad (Cuba). The Studio & Research Residency Program in New York awards artists from around the world with research-oriented residencies at its Brooklyn campus. Good Hart Artist Residency is another great option for artists, writers, and composers from diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

The Velvetpark Residency Award is open to anyone eighteen or older who is not enrolled in an academic program. If you are a professional writer who resides in the United States, you may be eligible for scholarships from the Las Vegas Poets Organization. These scholarships are intended for contemporary artists who live in Nevada and are dedicated to the literary, performing and visual arts (including multimedia arts). To be eligible, applicants must be able to show that this single grant will be significant in helping to address a short-term emergency situation. No matter what stage of your career you are at, there are grants and fellowships available for poets and spoken word artists based out of Las Vegas, NV. Take some time to review the Nevada Arts Council's current grant programs and guidelines, as well as other organizations that offer grants and fellowships.

Sheila Zanfardino
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