Internships and Apprenticeships for Poets and Spoken Word Artists in Las Vegas

Are you a poet or spoken word artist based in Las Vegas, NV looking for an internship or apprenticeship? If so, you're in luck! There are a number of organizations and initiatives that offer internships and apprenticeships for poets and spoken word artists in Las Vegas. Poetry International is a literary organization based in Rotterdam, Netherlands that manages a website with thousands of poems by modern poets from around the world. They provide audio recordings, interviews, translations, and articles. The Scottish Poetry Library is a unique national resource that advocates for the art of poetry, particularly Scottish poetry.

They offer a free two-week online course that teaches effective techniques for analyzing invisible poetry and the creative writing process. The National Poetry Library in Great Britain contains the most complete and accessible 1912 poetry collection in the country, as well as works from other countries. The Poetry Translation Center works to bring new life to English translations of contemporary poems from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They collaborate with Diaspora communities for which poetry is of great importance. The Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition is an annual competition open to anyone 18 years or older from anywhere in the world.

Poetry Screen showcases the innovative work of young artists who combine poetry and film. The African Poetry Books Fund offers a prize each year that is announced in May. The prize becomes part of their list of prizes and activities. The Poetry Society mails their poetry magazine to all full members and it is available at major bookstores around the world. The Edwin Morgan Poetry Prize accepts proposals from young Scottish poets or poets living in Scotland.

Blackbox Manifold is an online forum that focuses on innovative poetry that focuses on prose, narrative or sequences. The Poetry Station is a freely accessible web-based video channel and poetry portal organized by the English & Media Centre.

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