Connecting Poets and Spoken Word Artists in Las Vegas

Rated 4, 2 (The Las Vegas Poets Organization) is the largest and oldest nonprofit poetry organization in Las Vegas and Nevada, dedicated to connecting poets and spoken word artists with each other, providing them with a platform to share their work and inspiring them to create new works. Vanessa Latrice Williams is a Las Vegas-based poet, teacher, spoken word artist, and author. His most recently published work can be found in the Young, Gifted & Black anthology, by Spotlight Poetry; Beyond the Neon, published by Zeitgeist Press, and in his own poetry book entitled “Poetically Affirmed”, available on Amazon. Vanessa is a regional Slam champion, having won the Beyond the Neon Slam twice. He has been teaching and performing for more than 10 years.

His voice was silenced for many years due to the sudden death of his mother. With the support of family, friends, prayers and inner healing, Vanessa wishes to inspire everyone who hears her, proclaiming through poetry that “there is life after loss”.Nevada Poets in the Schools (NVPITS) was inspired by California's Poets in the Schools program, which has been successful for more than fifty years. It is maintained by Ambright Consulting, a provider of professional consulting services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through her music and poetry, Tanna Marie intends to use her artistic lens and voice to highlight the magic of Las Vegas, as well as the areas that need to grow.

She is an active member of the poetic community and holds a position on the board of directors of the Las Vegas Poets Organization. Jennifer is a Climate Reality leader and mentor and serves as a communications advisor for the Las Vegas section of the Climate Reality Project. AJ Moyer is one of the founders and organizers of the Battle Born Slam in Las Vegas. He is a teaching artist and world economist. Heather Lang-Cassera is an accomplished poet and writer who is already very committed to promoting poetry throughout the Las Vegas Valley, said Clark County Commission President Marilyn Kirkpatrick. She is the author of the poetry books Sweet Velocity (Lost Roads Press, 201) and Borrowed Wave (Kore Press, 201), which was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in Poetry. He competed and coached at 6 National Poetry Slams, taught poetry classes and workshops for children and adults, and presented many of the most popular readings in Las Vegas.

After attending the Leadership Corps training on Climate Reality, Lanette has become an active member of the Las Vegas Climate Reality section, which works on climate solutions and actions in the region. She is also the author of Divining the Landscape (New Rivers Press), Ancient Wonders, the Modern World (Red Dragonfly Press), and The Tender Wild Things (New Rivers Press), which received the poetry award from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. Julie Landsman was a poet from Minnesota who fell in love with poetry at an early age and continued to write and publish poems until she was seventy years old. Since 2000, Hogekamp has been mentoring Berlin's Bastard Slam - one of Germany's most important poetry scenes. Her recent publication I Was the Girl with the Face in the Shape of a Moon, available on Zeitgeist-Press, received media attention from Las Vegas Weekly in an article titled “Heather Lang Cassera Tells the Story of a Lifetime Through Poetry”. His poetry has been published in Red Rock Review, Desert Companion, Double Down Blog and All Def Digital.

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