Connecting Poets and Spoken Word Artists with Publishers and Editors in Las Vegas, NV

Rated 4, 2 (The Las Vegas Poets Organization) is the largest and oldest nonprofit poetry organization in Las Vegas and Nevada. To learn more about our mission and purpose, visit our website. For over two decades, Wolf Hogekamp has been the mentor of the Bastard Slam in Berlin, one of the most renowned Poetry Slams in the German-speaking world. Diane Jarvenpa has been combining poetry and music in assisted living homes, memory units, and nursing homes for many years.

Coordinator and poet of APP NV, Jennifer Battisti, a Las Vegas native, studied creative writing at the College of Southern Nevada. She is the author of Divining the Landscape (New Rivers Press), Ancient Wonders, the Modern World (Red Dragonfly Press), and The Tender Wild Things (New Rivers Press), which was awarded the poetry prize from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. Wolf Hogekamp is an active member of the poetic community and holds a position on the board of directors of The Las Vegas Poets Organization. Minnesota poet Julie Landsman has been writing and publishing poems since she fell in love with poetry at a young age. Elizabeth Allen Berry, known as the “queen of the fanzines” in Las Vegas, has made her mark on the local literary scene through her fanzines, spoken word performances, teaching self-publishing workshops, and other creative endeavors.

A new tenth generation Mexican-American, she is also the creative director of Valle Encantado, an organization that promotes sustainable development initiatives in the historic center of Atrisco in Albuquerque, as well as co-founder of Connecting Community Voices, an Albuquerque-based organization that seeks positive social change through creative community expression. She is the author of Sweet Velocity (Lost Roads Press, 201) and Borrowed Wave (Kore Press, 201), which was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in Poetry. For five and seven years respectively, Julie Landsman and Elizabeth Allen Berry co-organized and presented monthly readings of Poets for Peace and Poets for Peace in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now they both enjoy performing with writers and artists of all kinds in their respective cities. They both believe in the power of poetry to inspire, build community, and convey the wisdom of individual voices.

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